Tour Down Under 2024 Limited Edition Jersey
Maximum safety and visilbity on the road.

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race
Ride with Cadel on Victoria's Iconic Great Ocean Road

The Dementia Project
The Fight Against Dementia

Classics - Tour Paris Roubaix
Experience the emotions of the Hell of the North

AusCycling Australia Team Kit
AusCycling 2022 Australia Team Kit Available Now!

Dedicated to the Flanders road race

Face Masks
Santini Washable Face Masks Available Now


UCI Gold & Centenary Editions
Celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of UCI

IMOLA - UCI Road World Championships 2020
Road Cycling World Championships 2020

The Heroic Spirit of Santini

La Maglia Nera
The Fight to Finish Last

La Vuelta
The Beautiful Grand Tour

Limited Edition Commemorative Kits

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Santini Cycling Wear - Like a Second Skin

Embarking on a road cycling adventure, you quickly realise that apparel is not just about aesthetics. Your choice of apparel can make a substantial difference. Navigating the varied terrains and weather conditions of Australia, having gear that acts as a second skin is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. This is where the nuanced design and technological innovation of high-performance cycling wear come into play.

The Essence of High-Performance Cycling Jerseys

Imagine you're setting out for a long ride—the kind that tests your endurance and skill. What you need is apparel that goes beyond mere functionality. This is where the advanced features of Cycling Jerseys shine. Their breathable fabric ensures that, whether you're scaling a steep incline or coasting down a windy path, your focus remains unimpeded by discomfort. The subtle integration of reflective details in these jerseys enhances visibility, a crucial aspect for those twilight rides.

Adapting to Varied Climates: The Merino Wool Marvel

Australia's diverse climate demands versatility from your cycling wardrobe. Enter merino wool, a material synonymous with comfort and adaptability. In cold weather, merino wool cycling kits provide insulation, keeping the chill at bay without compromising on breathability. On wet weather days, the moisture-wicking properties of this wonder fabric come to the forefront, offering comfort without the bulk typically associated with winter riding gear.

Rain Jackets and Waterproof Essentials

No cyclist enjoys being caught in a downpour unprepared. A rain jacket, especially one that is water-resistant and lightweight, becomes an essential outer layer. The integration of waterproof jackets into your cycling ensemble means that an unexpected shower won't dampen your spirits or your performance. These jackets are designed to fit snugly, ensuring that they don't flap in the wind, thus maintaining your aerodynamic edge.

Layering Up: Arm and Leg Warmers

For those brisk mornings or the changing temperatures of a long ride, arm and leg warmers offer an ideal solution. They provide the necessary warmth without the bulk of additional layers, allowing for flexibility and ease of movement. When the day warms up, they can be easily removed and stored, making them a great option for those unpredictable weather days.

Colour and Style: The Intersection of Aesthetics and Function

While performance is key, the aesthetic appeal of your cycling attire cannot be overlooked. With a range of colour options available, personal expression finds its place alongside functionality. Whether you prefer the classic look or something more vibrant, the choice reflects your personal style as much as your cycling prowess.

Selecting the ideal cycling wear, akin to a second skin, is pivotal to elevating your road cycling adventures. It's a harmonious blend of comfort, functionality, and style—a balance that Santini has masterfully achieved in their range of cycling kits. Each piece, thoughtfully crafted, caters to the dynamic needs and preferences of cyclists. As you prepare for your next journey, let Santini's apparel be more than mere clothing; let it be an integral companion, enhancing every pedal stroke along your path. With Santini, your cycling experience transforms, ensuring that you're equipped not just for the ride but for the adventure that awaits.