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Cycling Skinsuits


Rest assured when you shop at Santini you’re always going to end up with the best cycling kit. But when it comes to very specific gear like this, what should you look out for? We recommend features such as:

  • Aerodynamic is key. You need extremely close-fitting fabric that will not add a fraction of drag.
  • Breathable material. You don’t go Sunday cycling in kit like this. You’re either exerting huge effort over short distances or sustained effort over endurance miles. Either way, you want to keep your skin as cool and dry as possible.
  • Lightweight. It’s all about marginal gains in this kind of racing.
  • A superior cycling chamois provides excellent shock absorption without weighing you down, particularly if you’re a triathlete intending to swim prior or run off the bike in the same kit.

Digging for detail? Check out this great guide on Santini clothing technical features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cycling skinsuit?

This is a piece of kit designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. It is so well-fitted it feels - and looks - like a second skin.

How important is a skinsuit for cycling?

In the world of competitive cycling, marginal gains can deliver all the difference. Making your body as aerodynamic as your bike and bike accessories can be all that separates first place from second.

Should I wear a skinsuit for cycling?

If competitive cycling is important to you and you want to achieve your absolute best, a skinsuit will help. Don’t think this kind of kit is reserved for Olympic athletes only. Go to a serious triathlon, a track race or even just out with a determined bunch during a peak full-on training day, and you will see skinsuits in action. Just don’t opt for a skinsuit on a lazy Sunday ride session - it defeats the purpose.

What are the benefits of cycling skinsuits?

The primary benefit is, as we’ve mentioned, aerodynamics. By fitting so closely to the body, wind resistance reduces, allowing you to ‘slice’ through the air. Pardon the pun, but this also has a flow-on effect in that you're working fractionally less, therefore conserving energy. Another advantage is protecting your skin from UV rays and insect bites (not that many insects should be able to latch on, given the speed at which you’ll be travelling!)