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Cycling Clothing

Santini Australia stocks a fantastic range of stylish but performance-driven cycling clothing. Whether you’re a triathlete, road cyclist, mountain biker, gravel trailblazer or an everyday commuter, Santini has the right kit for you. Their men’s and women’s range includes: 

Cycling Jerseys

Don’t bother shopping for cycling jerseys Australia-wide, when everything you need is here on the one site. Santini has women’s and men’s cycling jerseys for winter and summer available in aero, slim or classic fit. Whether you’re after a long-sleeve, thermofleece option for winter, or something light and ventilated for summer, you’ll find it here. Choose from a sensational selection of styles, prints, colours and fabrics.

Bib Shorts and Tights

Being comfortable is key when it comes to sitting in the saddle for long hours of riding! Santini knows this and has engineered a great collection of bib shorts and tights made for comfort, performance and fit. Again, the range extends across all seasons, including full-length thermofleece options for the depths of winter, through to light and cool knicks that let the pins catch some vitamin C in summer!


Vests are a super handy addition to the cycling wardrobe, offering extra protection in particularly cold climes or simply to help transition your rides through the changing seasons.  Vests can also add a layer of visibility to your attire and often come with reflective panelling or colours that pop so motorists and other cyclists can see you more easily.


From full-fleece, windproof and water-resistant jackets in winter to lightweight versions you can roll up and tuck into your back pocket the moment the sun comes out, Santini jackets are second-to-none when it comes to premium quality and design.

Can we help some more?

We’re happy to help with any questions you have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reach out to us via or our experts are eagerly ready to chat to you, look out for the blue bubble to chat with us live during business hours.


1. What Types Of Fabrics Do Your Cycling Jerseys Use?

Both our women’s cycling jersey and men’s cycling jersey designs use a range of fabrics. Depending on the season and style of riding, fabrics include thermofleece, recycled Delta fabric, Lycra and Micromesh. These offer a range of benefits, including quick-drying, breathability, visibility, aerodynamic performance, cooling or heating and more. 

2. Where Are Santini Cycling Clothes Made?

Santini is a real stand-out in the cycling world in that their clothes are made in Italy, the Santini homeland. In addition, the Santini family members themselves are involved in every stage of a product’s design and development, enabling unparalleled attention to detail and quality control. 

3. Is Cycling Clothing Necessary?

Sure, you can pretty much wear what you want when you jump on a bike. However, cycling-specific clothing is going to make a huge difference when it comes to performance and comfort. Wearing denim jeans and a t-shirt for a quick trip to the shops is one thing. However, that attire on a 30-50km bike ride begins to feel very uncomfortable in no time. In contrast, clothing made for cyclists factors in sweat, movement, aerodynamics, comfort, and many other essential elements that can make or break a ride. How we feel on the bike plays a big part - probably the central role! - in how we feel about bike riding full-stop. As such, it’s important to wear gear that respects the sport and knows how to make it as efficient and pleasurable as possible.

4. How To Choose The Right Cycling Clothing?

When it comes to sizing, cycling attire is not all that different to your daily wardrobe. If you’re a size 12 in your day-to-day gear, there’s a very good chance you’re a size 12 in cycling clothing. That said, all good brands provide charts, like the Santini Size Guide.  Remember, however, that brands will often provide various types of fit, like Santini’s aero, slim or classic styles. This affects how close the fabric sits to your body and how snug the fit feels. If you’re looking for results-driven, aerodynamic gear that will help with marginal gains, then an aero fit is for you. If you like a little more room in your clothing and you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a second skin, then classic is the fit you will be after.

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