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Cycling Warmers & Base Layers


Cycling accessories like these make a huge difference to your enjoyment and performance on the bike. So, what features should you consider when browsing for the perfect pieces?

  • Raw cuts eliminate the need for hemming and therefore any chance of rubbing, itching and chaffind that might cause
  • Compression can go a long way in helping limbs recover
  • Quality, considered fabric like light fleece will help keep your body temperature regulated
  • Colours aside from black or white can help provide a pop of colour to your kit!

Why not read the Santini clothing technical guide to see just how much thought, innovation, technology and know-how goes into every piece of kit they create?

Frequently Asked Questions

Should cycling leg warmers be waterproof?

The purpose of leg warmers is to keep your limbs warm. Certainly, Santini POLARTEC Power Shield Pro offers additional water protection. However, rather than water protection, you should look for inner fleecing and qualities that encourage warmth.

Are cycling leg warmers worth it?

Go outside in the middle of winter with bear legs and ask us this question! Even with your limbs moving at a high cadence, if all you’re wearing is bike knicks, your legs will still feel the full chill of an early July morning. Bike riding is all about pleasure, right? That should be felt the moment your behind lands in the saddle - you shouldn’t have to go through pain or discomfort before feeling good. So leg warmers play a big part in that. Right away, your limbs are protected and should move more easily when you start spinning. Down the track, if you’re pushing the megawatts and warming up, you can take them off, roll them up, tuck them into your cycling jacket pocket and only pull them out again during the cool-down.

Why do cyclists wear leg warmers?

We’ve probably answered that in the question above. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to protection. Whether it’s cold, wind, hail, rain, or even glaring sun, your limbs will reap the rewards from a pair of cycling leg warmers.

Are cycling arm warmers good?

Have you ever headed off on the bike in the middle of a cold winter’s day and felt like the Tin Man? You’re so cold your brittle body feels like it could snap, and you’re just not limber and fluid? Even holding the handlebars takes effort. Those are the kind of days you know arm warmers are more than good; they’re great! Keeping your arms snug, warm and relatively dry, they are worth their weight in gold on those pretty miserable-looking winter days.