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Top 5 tips to get ready for the Tour De Kids Challenge

Top 5 tips to get ready for the Tour De Kids Challenge

Top 5 tips to get ready for the Tour de Kids Challenge

You have 30 days to hit your ride target, preparing for a big cycling event is no walk in the park, you have to make sure you don’t burn yourself out on the first day or leave the bulk of the riding till the end! Enjoy the process and plan out your rides in advance! Trust me it will make the whole thing seem less daunting.

Here’s our 5 tips to get you through Tour de Kids Challenge

  • Prepare a plan of action
    Be smart with how you’re breaking up your riding goal, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. Tour de Kids has a breakdown of how much you have to ride on average in a day to reach your goals on their website for all three ride options, however this doesn’t account for rest days or other commitments. I’d recommend starting off slow, building up some steam and confidence with some shorter rides during the week, followed up with a larger ride to end your week.

  • Take time to recover
    With all the km’s you’re going to be smashing out don’t forget to plan out a couple of rest days in between your ride days, prepping your body for a cycling event is a must, particularly after longer rides as your body will need it! As part of your recovery properly stretch out your body, if you have a foam roller or massage gun now’s the perfect time to use it to relax your muscles. Drink lots of water (even when you’re off the bike) and if you’re looking to replenish your glycogen stores (to get that pep back in your step), treat yourself to an after-ride recovery drink.

  • Treat yourself to some new gear
    The weather in Australia can be a bit dramatic, cold one second warm the next, then raining a few minutes later. Make sure to wear layers when going on longer rides, so you can stay warm when it’s cold and strip off when you warm up. If you’re new to cycling clothing, I’d recommend starting off with a good pair of bib shorts (these have padding to keep your bottom from hurting on longer rides). Just note that there are male and female variations with padding in different places. A cycling jersey (make sure it fits so you can be nice and aerodynamic!). A cycling jersey will keep you from soaking up all that sweat and has the added bonus of having pockets to pop in your nutrition and extra clothing and goods (jacket, sleeves, gloves, keys etc). A waterproof jacket is a must, it doubles up as something to keep you warm and dry when the rain comes down! Just note, that not all jackets are built the same! There are different levels of waterproofing and breathability, so make sure to pick up an option that will best fit your needs. Some other great items that you should consider and some cycling gloves (especially on crisp mornings), a gilet/vest (a great versatile item) and arm sleeves these are great for sun protection and if you get the warmer options great to take the bite out of a winter morning.

  • Keep your rides interesting
    Don’t be afraid to switch up your regular riding route, it’s important to keep your ride interesting and fun! You will most likely be spinning the pedals more than a handful of times, so why not go out and try riding in a few different spots. If you want a break from the main roads try out a rail trail, which is great if you’re looking for a lighter ride. If you want to spice up your ride, then head off the beaten track and try out some gravel riding! There are several tracks available around Australia, just make sure to check the grading to see if your bike is suitable and to find a trail to best match your ability. Lastly, if you think your ride option is a piece of cake, try adding some elevation to your ride goal, some mountain climbs will add in an extra challenge element for you! Just make sure to pack some extra energy bars and gels!

  • Bike maintenance
    Your bike will be your best friend on this journey, so make sure to take care of it! If your bikes making some interesting sounds (metal rubbing on metal) bring it in for a service and let the experts take care of it. Check your tires for wear and tyre pressure, you have your recommended tyre pressure on your tyre wall so make sure to keep it pumped up (your tyres will naturally deflate over time) and if your tyre is looking bald – it’s time to replace them! Lastly, keep your bike clean, this includes your drivetrain – make sure to degrease and lubricate your chain, to help aid some nice and smooth shifting. If you don’t know how to do this check out this video for some tips.

    Join the ride today! Sign up to ride the Tour de Kids and raise money for sick kids. As you clock up your kms and fundraising dollars, you'll earn virtual badges and epic Tour de Kids challenge merchandise.
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