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Everything About Cycling Jerseys

Everything About Cycling Jerseys

A cycling jersey is one of the hardest-working pieces of bike clothing in your kit.

If you’re new to bike riding and want to find out more about cycling jerseys, stop right here and settle in. Consider this your most comprehensive guide, especially when it comes Santini kit (home to some of the best high-quality cycling apparel on the market).

Are cycling jerseys necessary?

Does tomato sauce go with a meat pie? Does Melbourne get four seasons in a day? Should the government declare Tour Down Under a national public holiday week? Absolutely yes, yes, yes!

If you’ve not yet worn one, we can understand a degree of cynicism. Surely a t-shirt can do every bit as good a job, right? Wrong!

OK, so why wear a cycling jersey?

  • Breathable fabrics & moisture-wicking panels - try cycling whilst wearing a t-shirt soaked in sweat on a summer’s day. You won’t need a pool - you will be the pool!
  • Shaped for cycling - a t-shirt is worn when standing and sitting, not when in riding position and pushing out some megawatts. Jerseys are purpose-built. As such, when you stand or sit upright on the bike, you may feel a tugging sensation around the chest and shoulders. This is normal, as the design prioritises comfort in the riding position.
  • A Santini jersey will also feature special elastics to keep the garment in place. In addition, it is often cut a little lower in the back to compensate for the extra room required when bent over and with zips in all the right places. Discover more over at our bike apparel technical guide.
  • Sun protection filters in fabric to help guard your skin against the harshest temperatures.
  • Zippers - make it easy to get in and out of but also to help regulate temperature whilst riding.
  • Handy pockets - never underestimate the versatility and workability of a good number of generously-sized, appropriately-placed pocket detailing. Perfect for storing easy-to-reach energy bars and shots, spare tubes, gas canisters, hand pumps, mobile phones and more.
  • Visibility - reflective panels designed specifically to help other road users notice you.
  • It looks H.O.T. Full-stop!

    Not every item may provide all the above features. However, you can expect most of these across the Santini range of cycling jerseys. So, does a cycling jersey make a difference? We hope you’re now on board and casting aside that t-shirt!

    Cycling Jersey Fit

    How should a cycle jersey fit?

    This depends on the type of riding you want to do. A Santini bicycle jersey fit comes in three options:

    1. Classic - the most regular of Santini’s sizing, this is a relaxed fitting cycle jersey for enjoying everyday, comfy spins.

    2. Slim - a sleek, form-fitting profile sitting close to the body, these cycle jerseys offer good wind resistance. Recommended for longer, more exerting sessions in the saddle.

    3. Aero - think second skin race cut! This design is all about maximising aerodynamics and is your go-to choice for racing or very exerting sessions with a challenging bunch.

    Italian-designed and made Santini bike apparel is guided by four overarching principles - comfort, fit, performance and durability. Every item is made to deliver each of these features.

    Should a cycling jersey be tight?

    Again, it depends on the riding you do. You don’t want it so tight it’s restricting movement or making you uncomfortable. However, you don’t want it so loose-fitting that it flops around like a windsock.

    As an average rule of thumb - the more intense the session (or the more seriously you take your performance), the tighter the fit to improve aerodynamics.

    What size cycling jersey do I need?

    At Santini, a Classic women’s cycle jersey and men’s cycle jersey are true enough fits. However, the tighter the cut, the smaller the kit will begin to feel. If you’re wondering how to choose the right fit, we recommend visiting our Santini apparel sizing chart for more specific information.

    What are cycling jerseys made of?

    It depends if we’re talking about a summer or winter cycling jersey. A winter long-sleeve cycling jersey must be breathable and wick away moisture without compromising the body temperature. For this, Santini turns to fabrics like premium thermofleece (such as TopLite) and wool blends. In terms of summer apparel, Santini will rely on super light, abrasion-resistant shuttle and microfibre fabrics, Polartec® Delta recycled materials or Silkiss Sahara mesh elements, for example. These are about maximising breathability, keeping sweat off the body, and maintaining as cool a body temperature as possible on hot days.

    Where possible, Santini is paving progressive, innovative ways of working with waste yarns to create more sustainable biking apparel.


    Do you wear anything under a cycling jersey?

    We recommend a cycle base layer to play an extra role in moisture wicking and body temperature regulation.

    How to wash a cycling jersey

    Whether it’s a long-sleeve or short-sleeve cycle jersey, you have two options for washing your cycling kit - by machine or by hand. Either way, use warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. If you’ve opted for the machine, don’t go hotter than 30 degrees or you risk affecting its quality.
    If you care for your cycling gear and want to make it last as long as possible and continue to look amazing, visit our bike apparel care guide.

    What is a custom cycling jersey?

    These are made-to-order apparel items.

    How many cycling jerseys do I need?

    As with everything to do in cycling, the answer is N+1, right?! Fantasising aside, it depends on how often you cycle. Obviously, if you go out once a week, one jersey is sufficient. However, if you ride daily, we recommend at least three. This gives you time to wash and dry one, but also means you don’t feel like it’s Groundhog Day!

    Contact us for the best cycling jersey in Australia

    We hope all this info has helped shine the light on bike jerseys. If you have more questions, please get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear from you and get you into a cycling jersey you will love!

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