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Gear Up Like a Pro: Explore the Official Tour De France Collection

Gear Up Like a Pro: Explore the Official Tour De France Collection

Celebrate the Spirit of the Tour de France

Embrace the heritage and excitement of the world's most prestigious cycling event with Santini’s exclusive Tour de France collection. This lineup not only represents the pinnacle of cycling performance but also celebrates the iconic colours that symbolise the Tour de France’s competitive spirit: the yellow (maillot jaune), green (maillot vert), red polka dots (maillot à pois rouges), and white (maillot blanc). Dive into a collection that allows you to experience the Grand Boucle's legacy, whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a passionate fan.

Featured Jerseys from the Tour de France Collection

1. Tour de France Yellow Jersey

Embody the spirit of the overall leader with the official Tour de France yellow jersey for toddlers. Made from lightweight Kontatto fabric, it’s designed for the little champions who dream big.

2. Tour De France Trionfo Champs Elysees Stage Jersey

Celebrate the final stage with a jersey that features designs inspired by the iconic Champs-Élysées. Perfect for those who value breathability and style, it’s a testament to the triumph of reaching the finish line in Paris.

3. Tour de France Yellow Leader's Jersey

This adult version of the leader's jersey blends tradition with modern technology, using recycled Race fabric for an eco-friendly approach. It’s perfect for those who lead on the road and value sustainability.

4. 2023 Tour De France Green Sprint Leaders Jersey

The Green Jersey, worn by the points classification leader, is ideal for sprinters and those who excel in daily races to the finish. Its eco-friendly materials ensure performance doesn’t cost the earth.

5. Tour de France King of the Mountain Jersey

For the climbers, the polka-dot jersey celebrates those who conquer the mountain stages. Made from breathable and lightweight fabrics, it’s designed to perform under the most gruelling conditions.

6. Tour de France Young Rider Jersey

Highlighting the best young rider, this jersey uses advanced fabric technology to support the upcoming champions who will shape the future of cycling.

FAQs about the Tour de France Collection

What makes these jerseys environmentally friendly?

These jerseys are crafted from 100% recycled Race fabric, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact without compromising on performance.

Are the jerseys available in multiple sizes?

Yes, each jersey is available in sizes ranging from S to 2XL, catering to a broad spectrum of cyclists and fans.

Can these jerseys be worn for everyday cycling?

Absolutely! While they are designed with a professional aesthetic, they are perfect for any cycling occasion, offering comfort and durability on both long rides and short commutes.

How should I care for these jerseys to ensure they last?

Wash them at 30°C without fabric conditioner, avoid tumble drying, and turn them inside out to protect the fabrics and printed designs.

The Tour de France collection by Santini offers something for every cycling enthusiast, from young fans to seasoned riders. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and performance, these jerseys let you carry a piece of the Tour de France with you on every ride. Whether you’re leading the pack or cheering from the sidelines, these jerseys bring you closer to the heart of cycling’s most celebrated race. Ready to wear what the champions wear? Visit Santini’s online store to select your jersey and join the legacy of the Tour de France.