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What to Wear Cycling in Winter

What to Wear Cycling in Winter

Successful cycling in winter is all about rugging up in quality gear. Here at Santini, we’ve got that in spades. Italian-designed and made, this kit handles everything from a social bunch ride on a cold, grey and rainy day to high-altitude endurance sessions.

Whilst we might not have the Dolomites on our doorstep here in Australia, we still cop our fair share of miserable weather. But in the right winter cycling gear, it’s sunshine and lollipops all the way! So, what winter bike-riding gear will get you through the season? We cover off the essentials whilst also checking out the latest in Santini’s new range.

Each season, Santini releases a cycling smorgasbord of some of the best gear for winter cycling you can hope to find. As we roll into the middle of 2023 and its relentless cold weather, we’re pretty excited about what’s on offer. Here we share some of our stand-out favourites from this year’s Santini winter cycling collection.

Winter cycling clothing guide essentials

Cycling winter base layer

Start your cycle clothing layering process with the PrimaLoft® Dry Short Sleeve Base Layer. This silk-weight advanced fabric will keep you warm when you’re not pushing the megawatts. However, once you dial things up, it remains breathable. The great cut means you won’t feel bulky once you start adding your other layers.

Top tip: You can buy short-sleeve and long-sleeve base layers. Opt for the latter only in the coldest conditions otherwise, you will overheat. Instead - consider arm warmers.

Cycling Clothing

Winter cycling jacket

Two of the best winter cycling jackets in this collection would have to be the Colore Halo Men’s Cycling Jacket and the Pure Dye Women’s Cycling Jacket.

Super stylish design aside, the Colore Halo is water-resistant, windproof and warm, thanks to the triple-layer membrane fabric. Inside you’ve got oval-shaped fleece to maximise thermoregulation but also allow good freedom of movement.

Top tip: Ensure the jacket reaches over your hips to keep your lower back and kidneys warm. Check that the sleeves go over your wrists when you’re bent down in the cycling position so that cold air cannot pass up your arm.

Winter cycling pants

Full-length thermal knicks are worth their weight in gold. Not only do they keep you nice and toasty and help prevent knees from locking up in the cold, but your bum gets the best protection possible thanks to Santini’s cutting-edge chamois technology.

For men, we recommend the Aldo Resistant C3 Bib Tights. Featuring high visibility, this kit is the ultimate combination of performance, comfort and warmth thanks to the Italian-made fabric. A long-lasting Acquazero water-resistant treatment gives additional protection from rain and muck.

For women, we’re fans of the Coral Bengal Women’s Bib Tights Gil Pad. With reflective panelling on the calves, these tights are made from soft, warm thermofleece designed to work with the natural contours of the female body. An innovative mesh cut delivers protection whilst also making the tights more breathable.

Cycling Clothing

Winter cycling gloves

If you feel every inch of the cold in your extremities, you want nothing less than the best winter recycling gloves in Australia. We’ve got them here.

Keep cold hands snug as a bug in a rug with Colore Water Resistant Windproof Gloves. Unbelievably warm thanks to their triple-layer fabric with membrane and durable water-repellent treatments, these are luxe. The padded pam offers plenty of comfort and the iridescent logo adds visibility. If you suffer from exceptionally poor circulation, consider wearing inners underneath your gloves.

Top tip: allow for a small gap to sit between your fingertips and the gloves. This creates a pocket of warm air to circulate.

Whilst we’re focused on extremities, don’t forget the feet! You’ll find some great winter cycling socks in this year’s collection. We can’t go past the Santini High Profile Socks Nautica. Lightweight, anti-odour and anti-allergenic, the smart navy blue is a departure from black and will add a touch of class to your winter wardrobe. There is no question the cycling sock game is strong Down Under, and this pair can hold their own!

OK, now you’re all sorted with the very best gear, it’s time to look at the art form of layering!

How to layer for winter - How to guide

The first thing to keep in mind is to dress for 20 minutes into your ride, not for when you first jump on the saddle. Why? Because you’ll only be that cold for a very short period of time. Once the legs are pumping and the blood is warming, you’ll be surprised how quickly you heat up. If you’re rugged up to the max by the 15 or 20-minute mark, you’ll be sweating like it’s the middle of summer. And that’s just as uncomfortable as freezing. So, as counterintuitive as it sounds, if head out feeling like you might not be quite warm enough then you’ve probably nailed it.

There are three main layers to cold weather riding:
1. Base layer
2. Insulation layer
3. Protective layer

Cycling Jackets

Cycling base layers

A cycling base layer can come in the form of a singlet-style riding top, leg or arm warmers. These are typically thin but highly technical garments designed to lock in heat and wick sweat, so you don’t get wet from the inside out. This is where cycling-specific kit like Santini really comes into its own. An everyday singlet might help keep you warm, but it’s likely to retain moisture and quickly become damp and heavy as you ride.

Insulation layers

A long-sleeve jersey for cycling designed to provide a good level of warmth to the core and arms is ideal. A fleece lining or wool cycling jersey is just what the weather doctor ordered.. Unless you’re headed to the Snowy Mountains, Victorian Alps or Tassie, then you don’t need to go overboard here. Australian winters are not so harsh that you require the fiercest levels of insulation plus base and protective layers.

Protective layers

Also known as barrier layers, the primary goal for this gear should be to protect you from rain and wind. Doing so helps keep you warm by default. If the weather is not too harsh, then this could be in the form of a cycling gilet or vest. However, in the middle of June/July this is probably going to be a full-length bike-riding jacket .

We hope this cycling layering guide has been helpful. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!

Contact us about winter cycling clothing

If you want to know more about Santini gear or have a specific query, contact our friendly customer service team. We’re happy to help so you’re rugged up and warm for the months to come!

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