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The Santini Jersey - Heritage, History & High-Quality

 The Santini Jersey - Heritage, History & High-Quality

Santini kit doesn’t just look and feel great.

How many cycling jerseys tell a story of history, heritage and decades-long innovation the way this brand does? Over time and behind the scenes, an evolution has unfolded to create cycling kit that stands in a league of its own.

We step back to discover how the iconic Santini jersey has blazed a trail through the history of cycling. Despite the goliath changes to this sport, this brand - and its kit - have indeed stood the test of time to remain at the forefront of design, innovation and image.

Santini’s family heritage

In 1965, Pietro Santini took over his sisters’ knitwear factory, based in Northern Italy. Motivated by a personal passion for cycling, Pietro led the company into bold new territory. He set about designing and manufacturing bike riding kit exclusively from the company’s Italian production facilities.

The future of cycling apparel

Pietro’s daughters have since picked up the mantle and taken the family business into 21st-century cycling, championing quality and integrity in every decision they’ve made. The result is a progressive Italian brand that stays true to its history but constantly looks ahead at what’s next.

Their decisions have resulted in some incredible partnerships and collaborations, as evidenced in the timeline further below. The business is making a concerted effort to reduce its carbon footprint by developing greener production processes and working with recycled materials.

Top quality cycling kit

This passion for cycling (and now triathlon and running) remains steadfast in the Santini spirit. The company designs, engineers and perfects the very best performance gear used by World Champions, Olympians and the most elite athletes on the planet.

By reaching for the stars, Santini creates the best quality cycling apparel for all levels of the sport. Santini kit helps you have a great time while cycling, whether you're competing or just going out for a leisurely ride.

Inspired to go shopping? Find the perfect short or long-sleeve cycling jersey along with an impressive range of Santini cycling clothing online.

Santini for fit, performance, comfort & durability

Cycling Jersey - Types of Fit

The goal is to make cycle jerseys fit so well you almost forget you're wearing them! Choose from three types of fitting:

Aero fit

As the name suggests, this is all about making you as aerodynamic as possible. Expect a jersey that looks and feels like it’s second skin and is optimised for a bent-over cycling position.

Slim fit

A snug feel that focuses on minimising wind resistance. This is a close-fitting piece of kit, but it’s a little Goldilocks - not too tight, not too generous.

Classic fit

The standard, comfy fit one expects from a premium quality, everyday-use jersey. This cut is ideal for casual, pleasurable rides out with mates versus high-performance racing or KOM/QOM efforts.

To find out more about Santini bike jersey sizing, visit our Santini cycling jersey size chart.

Cycling Kit Performance

Santini’s presence on the world stage of cycling says everything about its kit performance. You simply cannot sponsor champions with anything less than the best. From technical innovation to fabric research, Santini leaves no stone unturned in its perennial quest to deliver high-performance gear.

Cycling Clothing Comfort

From the placement of a seam to the location of a pocket, Santini Australia jerseys are crafted with attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance.

Cycling Apparel Durability

There’s no such thing as a one-hit-Santini-wonder. All items are made to withstand the test of time. They are developed to be worn for life, not just a season. Even better, their timeless design means they’ll be in style now and for years to come.

If you love delving into detail, then we recommend visiting the Santini technical clothing guide, which provides a clear breakdown of all the features and benefits across every range.

Santini Jerseys

Cycling jersey features and benefits

What are some of the top features you can expect from Santini? Depending on the model in particular, you will find:

  • A choice of fit (aero, slim or classic) so there’s something for everyone and every style of riding
  • UV protection
  • Great coverage for a wide range of temperatures
  • Clever, secure pockets for safe storage
  • Wind and/or water repellant or proof
  • Mesh panels for increased circulation/ cooling of body temperature
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics to help stay as dry and comfortable as possible
  • Reflective panelling to make the cyclist as visible as possible to other road users
  • Efficient, quality zipper for easy use (including to zip down or up when cycling)
  • Fantastic-looking!

    The Santini cycling jersey timeline

    Every collection is made with a lifetime of passion, innovation and engineering excellence, creating an amazing look and feel. Below are just some of the stand-out dates in the evolution of this iconic piece of kit.

  • 1977 Santini introduces silk polyamide into fabrics to enhance aerodynamics
  • 1982 Wool bike jerseys benefit from the inclusion of windproof nylon to offer better protection against the elements
  • 1988 Santini celebrates becoming suppliers of the official UCI World Champion and World Cup leader jerseys
  • 1993 Santini becomes a partner of Giro d’Italia, supplying the official and iconic Maglia Rosa
  • 2010 Santini use recycled polyester to create the first eco-friendly bike jersey
  • 2020 Santini increases their commitment to the environment by creating ECO kit for Trek-Segafredo, including the men's and women's cycling jersey. The kit is made entirely from recycled yarns from used or discarded materials.

    So, next time you zip yourself into Santini kit, spare a thought for just what’s gone into its design and development. Rest assured, you’re riding in the best quality kit out there!

    Caring for your cycling apparel

    The way you care for your kit has a big influence on its longevity. No matter how great the quality is, if you don’t treat your gear with respect, then it won’t last for as long as it should. Washing and caring for bike riding kit requires some easy but specific steps. This cycling clothing care guide provides clear steps and tips - we hope you find it useful!

    Santini Australia

    Santini has enjoyed close ties with Australia since the business began. The brand is the official Santos Tour Down Under limited edition jersey partner, a position it has enjoyed for the last 4 years. It was also a founding partner of the iconic Cadel Evans Road Race and has been on board every year since the launch in 8.

    Victoria’s coastal roads have even been the location for a global collection launch photo shoot. It’s fair to say Australia - and Australians - hold a special spot in Santini’s heart!

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