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We know it’s not easy to find the perfect bib shorts. Especially when buying from a website. So we put together this guide listing all of our current bibs and shorts, highlighting two things you need to know about each.


When we say a bib is CLASSIC FIT, we mean it is meant to fit snug, but comfortable. When we say a bib is SLIM FIT, we again mean that it’s snug to the body, but this time we’re using higher compression fabrics and construction methods to give you a racier, more pro fit. When we say a bib is SLEEK FIT, we mean it is optimized for aerodynamics and has the high-compression fabrics, patterns, and details that we use in clothing for world-class professional athletes.


Different kinds of riding need bibs and shorts with different qualities. Along with how they fit and feel, seat-padding (chamois) most determines whether the bib or short is best suited for long distance riding and racing, medium-distance training, or short, intense rides. The guide spells out our thoughts on what kinds of rides each particular model is best for.



How They Fit

LEGEND is our top-of-the-range bib short for women. Fit is high-performance and high-compression (SLIM fit) thanks to Legend fabric and our unique honeycomb silicone grippers around the quads and hamstrings that give a tight, stuck-to-the-skin feel. We’ve added a snap closure to the front of the bibs to make them easy to get in and out of (especially for those women concerned about ‘nature breaks’ during rides).

Why We Made Them

LEGEND bibs are made for cyclists who expect aerodynamic advantage and an elite (race) fit. LEGEND comes with our C3W chamois, high-performance endurance chamois designed specifically for women. Two gel inserts positioned in the support of the bones of the ischium (sit bones) to neutralize vibration under stress. LEGEND bibs are great for competitive granfondos, centuries, epic challenge rides, all-day training rides, Ironman triathlons, etc.

Available Colours

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How They Fit

VOLO is an all-around SLIM-fit bib with mid-compression Thunderbike Power fabric and minimal seams. VOLO uses silicone microdots around the bottom inside of the leg so they adhere perfectly to your skin at every point (no pulling or stretching). They feel very snug and comfortable to wear.

Why We Made Them

VOLO bibs are designed for comfort and durability, but with our highest-grade padding; C3W. A high-performance endurance chamois designed specifically for women, C3W is lighter than most seatpads and includes gel inserts positioned under the bones of the ischium (sit bones).

Available Colours

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How They Fit

ALBA shorts are CLASSIC fit; snug, but not too tight. Made from mid-compression Thunderbird fabric, they feature a double-folded fabric waistband (no elastic and therefore no pinched belly). They are our Goldilocks short for women (not too aggressively aero, not too relaxed for comfort, but just right).

Why We Made Them

For all-around, everyday cycling. ALBA shorts come with our wMAX padding, an engineered, 3D-molded, multi-density foam-core pad that’s as good as or better than the chamois in shorts with much-higher price tags. Perfect for group rides, shorter races, intense trainer sessions or cycle classes.

Available Colours

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How They Fit

RITMO shorts are CLASSIC fit; snug, but not too tight. Made from mid-compression Thunderbird fabric, they feature a soft, wide, non-elastic waistband and leg bands for a snug but not restrictive feel.

Why We Made Them

All-around cycling. RITMO shorts come with our Gel Intech Lady 2 (GiL2) padding, which uses our best-selling and most popular Twist-Gel chamois, which provide terrific value – durable and suitable for long rides. Use RITMO shorts for long group rides, all-day adventures (even racing) as your core, everyday short.

Available Colours